Andy’s Writing—Samples of Previous Work


From daily and weekly newspapers to college and high school, here is a sampling of articles and series:

Pahrump Valley Gazette

Here is a series of investigative articles about the Public Administrator of Nye County who was ultimately removed from office and convicted after my investigation. Contributed to an investigative journalism award.

Covering a tragic helicopter crash.

A sampling of another investigative series that I broke about three nurses and the mishandling of an elderly patient at a medical center that led to her death. I won an investigative journalism award for these articles.

Here is one of a series of articles about a contentious trial of a teacher ultimately convicted of molesting students.

Local coverage of the famed Ted Binion murder case and the connection to Pahrump.

Three articles related to the financial and operational difficulties of the Nye Regional Medical Center in central Nevada—the only hospital facility for hundreds of miles that was in danger of closing.

Feature story on Gazette taking home numerous awards, including my win as Outstanding Journalist of the Year in 1998.

Las Vegas Sun

Coverage of accident investigation training.

Section Lead Feature on Henderson Parks Department.

Tracking the story of a performance elephant’s death and connections to Las Vegas.

Feature story on a couple that restores old Volkswagens.

Feature on combat skills competition for Air Force personnel.

Coyote Press (college)

Feature on 1996 presidential election.

Article on contentious operations of the CCSN bookstore.

Editorial on stiff sentences for petty crimes.

Rampage (high school)

Article on sitting U.S. Senator visiting high school seniors.

Editorial on in-class movie policies in our high school district.

Editorial on hat policy at high school.


I spent more than eight years writing and editing for trade magazines, predominately Casino Journal, a North American publication covering business, people, products and solutions in the gambling industry. At times, I also wrote for and edited roughly 10 other publications, and custom publishing projects.

The following first four of the following five articles are from the November 2005 issue of Casino Journal, which we pulled from the press run in the wake of Hurricane Katrina to devote to a special issue. The new issue, cover to cover focused on the storm and its aftermath was put together in less than four days. (Note, each article begins with the cover image, “Picking up the Pieces.” The fifth article is a look at the Gulf Coast six month later.

Here are some additional samples from Casino Journal:

Cover article for Construction Business Owner—2018


Here you will find some sample of newsletter articles, columns and blog posts

PR and Media

Here are some press releases and materials I’ve written:


Marketing Content

The following are examples of marketing content and materials I have written or developed:


Articles or content I have written for other people under their byline. Or, contributed content with no byline.


Here are a few videos that I scripted,  directed, edited and produced:

Cascade Drilling Innovator Video (2016):

Western Allied Mechanical Innovator Video (2017)

Pieper Houston Electric Innovator Video (2015)

Christenson Electric Innovator Video (2017)

Dexter + Chaney – Spectrum Construction Software (storyboarded, scripted and edited)


Other Writing

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