Welcome To My World

Greetings and salutations!

Having been in the creative world for pretty much my entire adult life, I figured it was about damn time for a proper online portfolio. Over the years, many friends and colleagues have asked, “so where can I see your work?” To which I would either have to send the few limited digital versions of content I had or bring them physical copies. Needless to say, having a portfolio like this would have helped me in so many potential job opportunities in the past. Modernizing isn’t easy, but in today’s fast-moving and even faster-changing culture, it’s necessary to keep with the times and try and stay ahead of the curve. So without further ado, I present: andyholtmann.com.

This site is a sampling of work throughout my career–from a fresh-faced and inexperienced writer in high school and college to my early days as a reporter and editor for daily and weekly newspapers to my ascension through the ranks of trade magazines to my work in marketing and public relations. Over the years, I kept telling myself, “you know, you really need to compile your work in an organized fashion somewhere.” I would start, then stop, then start again, and stop again.

Last year, however, I got serious about doing this. First, I bought my domain. Then I started sitting down and poring over issue after issue of the newspapers, magazines, newsletters and other content I created (and managed to keep copies of). Then I digitized content that was available in hard copies and took to organizing it all and selecting which pieces I wanted to document here. What you will find on my homepage is an archive of work that represents probably 1/2 of a percent of the work I’ve done over the years, but it’s a decent enough collection to show my career arc.

When I was ready, I assembled and uploaded these works to this site, writing additional copy to explain certain pieces or series of articles. Many special thanks to my longtime friend and colleague, Ryan Allred, for helping me get up to speed with WordPress and design my site.

It’s been a labor of love to get to this point, and I’m very happy that this site now exists. And now that this site is done, I’m not just going to let it sit and collect dust. I will continue to update it with more of my career highlights, as well as use this blog to espouse on everything from general writing and editing to marketing to lessons and best practices I learn (or have learned) through my career. Hopefully, this site can eventually serve as a resource not just for myself, but for others.

Thanks for visiting, and let me know what you think via the Contact Me tab!